Thomas Dartigues aka Decktwo is a Paris City-based artist. He is a pluridisciplinary artist who does wall painting, drawing, motion graphic design and VFX. Lire la suite


Hide Ichibay is an Japanese artist, a legend of tattoo, also well-knowed for his drawings.



Jun Inoue is a Japanese contemporary artist, born in 1981. Inoue’s unique style of live, adrenaline-charged performance painting displays the metaphysical dimension of his works.

Jun was raised in regional Kanagawa, where he studied traditional Japanese calligraphy, and where his grandfather, a Zen Monk, became a major influence on his philosophy and aesthetic vision. The solidity and grace of the forms in his paintings are evidence of the deeper philosophical foundation behind the gesture. Inoue has been creating since he was a boy. Highly influenced by American youth culture, including hip-hop music and fashion, his graffiti reflected this. It wasn’t until he studied art after high school that he began to identify with his Japanese roots and incorporate his culture into his art. At the time, Tokyo graffiti had become distinctively focused on sweeping movements and minimal abstract shapes. It was in this scene that Jun found the platform for his unique vision, adding to the vivid artistic dialogue that was buzzing across Tokyo’s streets and walls.

Jun is a key figure among current Tokyo street artists, and his work is a combination of two very different styles of art – shodo, traditional Japanese calligraphy, and raku-gaki, or graffiti. This mixture culminates in energetic, vivid and edgy pieces. By uniting the two styles, Jun has re-translated and revived traditional Japanese art to the younger Japanese population and to the western world.

Jun is a member of The 81 Bastards, a crew consisting of five Tokyo’s leading young painters, each representing a rebellious new wave of Japanese art, with a goal to redefine live performance painting. In the US, his art was used in Nike stores and on skateboards and sneakers. Most recently, it appeared in a collaborative range with Tokyo fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro for Paris Fashion Week, where Jun also splattered the models before they walked the runway.




Louis Granet bases his artistic practice on the links between cartoon and painting.

The artist develops techniques and codes learned from « comics » to apply them on several supports. Signs, lines and shapes represent the starting point of his aesthetic research. The reappropriation of images and their superposition tend to disorient the public: the viewer is confronted with both abstract forms and figurative and physical images.

Nevertheless, the pictorial research of Louis Granet, blurred and partially explicit, leaves an important place to the imagination of the observer. The various forms and materials used, as well as the different perspectives, create on the surface of the paintings compositions in several layers which suggest multiple keys of reading.


Sebastien Preschoux, born in 1974 in Paris is deeply touched by the optical art, but also by the values of the teaching of the Bauhaus lauding an instruction centred on the fundamental value of the manual labor.

Sébastien created indefatigably more and more complex drawings being able to compete with what a machine could produce in a few moments.

By this approach he knew how to create a visual confusion at the spectator who can bring this last one to wonder about the origin (human or mechanical) of his works. But only while approaching the spectator will have been able to identify the stigmas of the passage of the human hand, the attitude which Sébastien names the reward of the curious.

His work does not limit itself to a production in 2 dimensions, but finds a correspondence in 3 dimensions by means of thread installations, often realized in natural environment, so offering him a perfect freedom both in term of size and variety. For it he works in association with the photographer Ludovic LE COUSTER, who works with argentic cameras.


Sebastien Preschoux



Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, born in 1977, is one of the most famous Lithuanian textile artists and well-known in the international artistic arena.

After graduating from Textile studies (2003) in Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) and acquiring the degree of Art Licensee, she has been teaching in the Textile Department of VAA since 2005. Original thinking and technique has earned Severija international recognition. She has won many awards and her works were acquired by significant art and design museums (design museum Rohsska (Gothenburg, Sweden), Leicester Art Museum (United Kingdom), Museum of Civilisation/Les Musees de la civilisation (Quebec, Canada), and private art collectors.

The author’s works were displayed in exhibitions along such famous artists as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Erwin Wurm, Marina Abramovich, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Banksy… etc.


Severija 1



Shohei Otomo is a modern day artist who draws with traditional Japanese influence combined with modern style.

Graduated from the Tama Art University, he mainly uses the ballpoint pen to draw. Its trait is ultra-precise, fine and gives the image of a Japan shared between its past and its present. The geishas, yōkais and samuraïs rub shoulders with iconoclastic visions of the 21st century.




So Youn Lee identifies as a fresh contemporary artist best recognized for her vibrant & youthful original paintings reflecting varying themes surrounding innocence.

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Takeru Amano is a Japanese artist born in 1977. He moved to New York in 1997 where he studied engraving during three years before returning to settle in Tokyo.

Takeru Amano has been in contact with the world of art since his childhood, his father being Yoshitaka Amano, an internationally renowned illustrator. On his return from New York, his new influences from the big apple mixed with the Japanase pop culture this way he gradually defined his own style.

Using classicism and modernity in his creations, Takeru Amaro combines accuracy of the line to an explosive color palette from the pop culture.

His works have been part of several solo and group exhibitions, specially in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.