Fantasists Utamaro (born in 1979) is a NY & Tokyo based an artist, animation director, illustrator, graphic designer, textile designer, and Art Director.

He is part of the new generation of entrepreneurial young Japanese artists who’s vision defy boundaries. He brings ultra pop, technicolor sensibilities to every project with explosive energy that is unmistakably his own.

Fantasists Utamaro reflects these three concepts of his theme, celebration, freedom and limitlessness to his art work. They are to make an opportunity to see universal things from different angles. He thinks it is an important process to acknowledge the value of daily life. The style of his art works is a pattern which increases endlessly and influenced Japanese pop culture like animation and Manga. He thinks everything gets trimming, like photography and stomach. Every life has a recitation too.

Fantasists Utamaro captures his pattern which increases endlessly as endless imagination and human being’s ego. For him, anything can not exist unless it gets trimming. However, human beings can imagine trimmed outside of the pattern unconsciously. To imagine something you can not see is the core of creativity, an imagination. That’s why he keeps making the pattern.

For Fantasista Utamaro, Japanese universality is pop culture like animation and Manga. If these cultures pop up in totally different occasions, watchers can rediscover something and see themselves subjectively.